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Space Exploration
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The utlimate reality TV show without repeats where professionals stake their very lives and reputations with no do-overs!

    Space exploration and science captivated people from ancient times.  This even includes history before writing, books, candles, and electricity to power cool things we gotta have in the 21st century.  Only since 1961, have humans ventured into space while space probe programs have been active since 1957 across the globe. Check with your local science museum or a planetarium to learn and see more of the night sky from the city or a prime spot out in the country.  A fun way to learn about space with a hands on education experience is through the Challenger Center which has a website of http://www.challenger.org/

Astro Talk

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  • Astro Talk:  someone in the business spoke live in person
  • Links by space agency, rocket firm and general reference.  Rocket firm refers to a company that successfully integrates space launch vehicles.

National Space Agency & State News Agency Links

Canadian Space Agency

China National Space Administration

European Space Agency

Indian Space Research Organization

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Russian Federal Space Agency

General History & Reference

Space Rocket Firms




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Last Updated on 9 July 2011