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Science-Fiction & Space Hub

This is a not yet official source for things related to science-fiction and space exploration.

  Ever wonder what is really available in local science-fiction and beyond?  Look no further for links to meet people, see wonderous conventions, get help for costuming projects, locate props or do it your self, and find out the cosmic facts online.  Convenient, this is!
   A user-friendly tip for the site:  Any time you click on an interesting link, a separate window appears with the site of your choice.

Credit: NASA

  Things to view or ignore on this site: 
  • Advocacy regards pro-space exploration organizations.
  • Alternate for reading about the what ifs of human history.
  • Anime actually has a sci-fi side to it...  
  • Clubs helps you to find a group just right for you.
  • Exploration for space missions past, present and future.
  • For Sale to buy various items online.
  • FAQ's: Cause every site just has to have one!
  • Museums focuses on exhibits and reviews
  • Props for construction tips or sellers of stuff.
  • Rocketspotting for hints to watch a lift-off on the Space Coast that includes a mission launch date and a weather forecast 
  • Sci-Fi Media for shows that span film, t.v. and radio.
  • Sci-Fi Movies for links about motion pictures.
  • Sci-Fi TV for links about television shows.
  • Threads for space exploration and Sci-Fi costumes/uniform replicas.

This website is an evolving infotainment product that began as www.tampabaysfsf.com (2006)  Here are the milestones for progress, complete with classy Roman numerals:
Phase I:  Initial roll-out with subject introductions, a few images and several links (17 Aug 2006).
Phase II:  Additions of selected images/photos and/or graphics 
Phase III:  'Original' materials for the website or potential blog about celebrity presentations, costume/uniform replica tips, space models for cheap, props and website reviews
Phase IV:  Periodic updates, when darn well good and ready!!


Topic additon(s):  More like revision or deletion to the Rocketspotting page because it is the end of the Space Transportation System/Space Shuttle era (1981-2011).   On the SF Media page, additional links for Transformers' movies and TV series.

    Check this link to the Very Official Blog of the Science-Fiction and Space Foundation:  http://sfspacefoundation.blogspot.com/This may offer miscellaneous subjects, reviews on current events, tips on costumes and comments about history--real or alternate.  View this at your leisure.  Would anyone take a laptop PC or a Internet-capable phone into the bathroom for reading and actually admit to it?

Gosh dang it, this is serious spacial fun!
Last Updated on 9 July 2011