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Conventions & Events
Science-Fiction & Space Hub

Your place(s) to see, be seen, meet, spend loot, and live to tell all the stories about it!

  People who must see their peers in the science-fiction media sphere gather at these events known as  conventions--or cons for short.    Although unfairly mocked by the ridiculous, unbelieving majority/ mainstream public, these forums in places near and far--usually for a fee--helps you get out and meet other fans. 
  • expect people running around in role-playing games
  • meet memorable individuals (annoying or cool)
  • see folks in uniform/costume replicas (be nice to the people in plastic, felt, cotton tees and/or duct tape!)
  • hook up with a lady/man--not exactly guaranteed
  • dodge or indulge eager club recruiters at tables
  • make new friends, con acquaintances or even a spouse
  • there's a chance you may chat or party with a celebrity from a favorite science-fiction television show and/or movie

See these links for the conventions in the Florida and the southeast USA.  Some firms or groups also offer cruises with sci-fi/fantasy celebrities and another social venue on the high seas.

Convention Links

Event Link(s)

Gosh dang it, this is serious spacial fun!
Last Updated on 9 July 2011