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Buy or Build.  A successful costume/uniform replica and/or event is not the same without one or many!

    Just when you thought you could look the part in science-fiction fandom...Just when you thought you could participate at a convention to blend in or stand out...Feel the acute want or need for a piece of plastic, resin, wood or metal that you just cannot escape from?  There are links to help you create such things from scratch.  This is also a super reason to use a credit card or cash as a time saver.  You may want to acquire the right item(s) to impress the typical convention-goers and/or the equivalent of a picky Sci-Fi Simon Cowell or In-Stellar Style...Some props pages are also tied into the costuming pages.  Professional reproductions can be found in the For Sale part of the website. 

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Sci-Fi Media Props Links

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Gosh dang it, this is serious spacial fun!
Last Updated on 9 July 2011