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Science-Fiction & Space Hub

Look, but don't touch these items that have been part of history on big and small screens.

If one really must see those links to a museum's website to plan a fact-filled and fun trip, here they are.  Below them are reviews of places that have been visited by this website's Executive Co-ordinator, if one actually has the time to read them.  When finally posted, there went lots of sweat and went into writing up those reviews and carefully picking through all those digital pics.  Yeah, those aching fingers that put forth all of this effort just for you!  (Is the guilt trip working?)

Science-Fiction Museum(s)

Space Exploration Museums

United States of America

Northeast Region

Intrepid Air & Space Museum (New York City, NY)

Pacific Region

Southeast Region


Traveling Exhibits

Gosh dang it, this is serious spacial fun!
Last Updated on 9 July 2011